We create modern sites and apps

We have the experience to identify and understand your business and challenges you face, then offer adequate solutions and strategies regarding your technology stack. Services are adaptable for a wide range of SMBs and industries.


WEB CORE VITALS – New Google ranking factor 2021.

NovemBit latest stack is ready with all relevant eCommerce integrations. No caching, plugins or 3rd part services – the results are impressive.

We Build

Custom websites &
optimized landing pages

We specialize in crafting future-proof custom websites, utilizing cutting-edge technologies like a block-based development with WordPress or Headless CMS with Strapi & Next.js, ensuring the creation of high-performance, dynamic sites.

We Build

Progressive web apps,
native & hybrid mobile apps

We excel in building apps through Progressive Web Apps (PWAs), native, and hybrid mobile apps. Leveraging technologies such as PWA, Kotlin Multiplatform, React Native, and Flutter, we create versatile solutions that seamlessly bridge the gap between web and mobile platforms.

We Build

Integration & customization
of eCommerce systems

Our e-commerce developers specializes in seamlessly integrating and customizing eCommerce platforms like WooCommerce, Shopify, and BigCommerce. 10+ years experience in integrations of various payment systems, marketing platforms and tracking systems.


Full Store

We take your existing
WooCommerce store and apply next generation solutions.


Increase page speed for
maximum efficiency and
conversion rates.

Quality Audit and

Get a professional
assistance for

Tools and Techniques
to Grow

Automate, analyze,
advertise, communicate,
sell everywhere.

9 Technologies we mastered


0.1s faster landing page can increase your conversions by 8% according to Think Wih Google.


Wrong early technical decisions can seriously hinder your growth and cost you a fortune. Delegate them to pros and concentrate on your business instead.

Headless CMS

SEO isn’t dead, kind of. Your customers should be able to find you before they find your competitors.


Get the best tools to make the most from managing your most valuable assets – customer data.

React Native & Flutter

Increase usability and conversions with layouts designed with the laters data-driven scholarly studies in mind.

Native Mobile Apps

Per Global Consumer Pulse Research, over $750 bn is lost annually by sellers due to a lack of a correctly personalized shopping experience. It can get you 40% more sales.

Progressive Web App

Manageability is a major underrated factor in the success of online businesses, especially for smaller online verndors.

Core Web Vitals

Growth implies trial and error. The more and better quality data you get, the better you can tune your business to respond to the challenges of the market.

Design Systems

Meet your customers where they are with fine-tuned messaging per platform and segment, while manageing from a single point,



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